Stopping The Disabled Spare Room Scroungers.

Welcome to the first post of a new blog, bringing truth to the surface of a cesspit of leftist lies.

This piece is about one of many great burdens, for too long haunting our erstwhile great nation. None dare speak of this curse till recently, when Ian Duncan Smith, surely an early contender for Politician Of The Year, rode to the rescue. One of his best and most meticulous plans should soon come to fruition.

The socialist dominated press insist that our economic woes are largely due to finance capital. This is an intolerable slur on creative genius, a calculated lie and a distraction.

There are, of course,  many causes, but nearly all come in the guise of the undeserving poor. These include the infamous grasping lollipop ladies, with gold plated pensions sometimes exceeding £100 a week.

Also notable are the lying crippled “people” already skilfully exposed by IBS.

But higher still on the list is people who aren’t only low enough to claim benefits but actually have SPARE ROOMS. It’s a genuine scandal!

When the extra charges for such people come in this April there will be moans aplenty about people in “exceptional” circumstances. Again, the so called “disabled” will feature highly- for they are ever a favoured cause of bleeding hearts and control freaks. Disabled AND with a spare room? It’s a nanny statists wet dream!

Here’s a typical bleat

Just what good are most of these “people” anyway? It may not be politically correct to ask, but these are tought times calling for tough questions and I assure readers I will never capitulate to political correctness, which has in fact gone too far if you think about it.

Ideally, most people in these circumstances would accept that they are often a burden, do the decent thing and kill themselves – a final market solution if you will. It’s not diplomatic to say it, it offends people, but the woder of the free market is that it is unfettered by emotion, save the emotion of the individual making the choice to end a lifetime of naked greed and entitlement.

Government is not a charity – those not making money shouldn’t stand in the way of progress.

Signs are that it some more people are taking the this brave and selfless route under a tory led government characterised by economic competence, if needlessly stiffled by the proto-Marxist LibDems.

Let’s be blunt: At best, the disableds don’t matter: The vast majority don’t  donate to The Conservative Party (thereby missing the chance to feed in to policy). Most probably don’t even vote Conservative, still less in marginals seats.  Quite a lot don’t work. It’s altogether unseemly, and there’s little to gain placating them.

And what is to fear? You can’t riot much from a wheelchair, or persuade people to your cause if you’re a mental retard.

We have nothing to lose in impoverishing such leeches. Let them be thrown on to the streets if they can’t afford their palacial spare rooms. It will strike fear into the hearts of  other undeserving wretches.

We Conservatives are under attack from all sides. Stand together with IBS on this vital issue.

Learn what to say from trusted sources such as papers selflessly produced by Mr Murdoch and Mr Desmond. Repeat the tropes endlessly. Enough people will believe you.

80% of people on Housing Benefit are in work, but it is not helpful to say that. Such facts are beloved of our statist opponents.

Focus instead on the idea that all claimants are workshy, and that the government are carrying out a blitz on them. ‘Workshy” and “blitz” are terms with pedigree, used by a very successful government in the past, but I’m fuzzy as to which one right now.

Stand firm – for if we can resist the clarion calls of “humanity” and face down the most helpless, our future will be glorious indeed, and the British people will be more efficient, purer.


20 thoughts on “Stopping The Disabled Spare Room Scroungers.

  1. Did you know that after the second world war, they hung people like you, I wouldn’t wish a disability on a dog, but in your case, you are even below the stature of an animal, what goes around, comes around and in your case, hopefully very soon.

  2. You have clearly led a privileged life and never had to fight or suffer. Well let me tell you that anything can happen. I sincerely hope that you fall sick and have to depend on others to lead your everyday life. I hope that you are referred to as a scrounged an that all your airs and graces diminish with your wealth. You are a depraved idiot and a very small minded person.

  3. You sir, are a cunt of the highest order and I sincerely hope this tripe is simply provocative stirring. If it isn’t I hope you never become disabled. Well at least not in the next day or so.

  4. Surely this is a mock post or you’re a troll?! If it has any truth behind it then I sincerely hope you catch Aids, fail your ATOM medical and die from it, you cunt.

  5. Let me tell you a few home truths. I was married for just 6months when a greedy boss I worked for as a PA in a top private company, caused a serious accident which disabled me for life. I was 24.Couldn’t have any children because of disability. I had 7 operations on my spine, Thastcher came to power, I and husband had bought a bungalow, had it adapted for me. Guess what, Thatchers government were so vicious when the economy went tips up and interest rates rocketed, pound dropped 15%. Then she brought in poll tax.My beautiful home was repossessed thanks to Tories. You might think I’m being political, well I’m not, I VOTED FOR THATCHER, never, ever will I vote Tory again. It took me 10years to get my life back, my independence and that was thanks to the Labour party. The NHS was destroyed by Tories, I know I watched it from my hospital bed and 100s of visits to hospital. The day Tories got power, well I and many disabled frieds cried, we knew we would be the target for Tories to cut our small incomes. We are a soft touch, they think public on their side, well when 1000s of disabled in their wheelchairs appear at Whitehall and The Mall, let’s see how long Tories stay in power then.
    As for you, you are offensive, there are laws to stop people like you repeating lies and government mantra about disabled. I for one will not hesitate to use the law to put a stop to you.

  6. you are an actual psychopath. Nobody chooses to be ill or disabled. No one chooses to be poor either. The bedroom tax is another way to make the poor poorer. Steven you are a deluded fool taken in by government propaganda. Go get some therapy and become a human instead of an insensitive robot.

  7. I presume like a previous commentator that this is intended as satire, but you should make that much clearer than it is, otherwise you run the risk of REALLY cheerleading for the nasty Neo-Nazism that runs through the Tory right. I have no doubt that behind closed doors that these are the kind of views held by IDS and Co. Actions, after all, speak louder to most, than carefully worded propaganda, especially if you have your eyes open or are on the receiving end.

    I was quite upset when I began reading this and its obviously affected other people similarly. My brother is severely disabled and has been the victim of aggression in the past because of it. His experience is that discrimination against people like him is on a rapid rise. The drip-drip of Tory propaganda – “strivers vs skivers” – is swallowed wholesale not just by Sun readers, but by plenty of the middle-classes too.

    Meanwhile the disabled and unintentionally unemployed are suffering left, right and centre from being scapegoated as well as from the economic pressure of rising bills.

    I applaud any effort to expose the warped ideologies behind current UK Government policies, but don’t play so clever that you cause genuine offence.


  9. This is neither a joke nor the work of a pure nazi – it is obviously – but obviously not obviously enough for some! – a piece of biting bitter satire attacking the inhuman callous devious thieving bastards in our so-called government. This man will be on OUR side of the barricades comes the day…

  10. In the quite possible event that you become disabled, especially as you age, via an RTA, or Cancer or Arthritis etc…. I promise I will personally see to it that you are run over… & reversed over again just to make sure your all your wishes come true.
    R.I.P Steve Durrant…. as you certainly Live in your own inner Hell. 🙂

  11. …’will never capitulate to political correctness, which has in fact gone too far if you think about it.’. I have thought about it; indeed I have applied the ethics aspects of my degree and considered Singer in relation to this. I think you are either a satirist or an under informed fool.

    A drain on society? My son will work; he will just need support around that. Support provided by my husband and I.

    My other son will not work; he has a more severe version of the same condition. He is a daily joy.

    Not that we are impacted by bedroom tax as we are in private rented accommodation and lucky enough that I have a living, healthy husband who can help support us whilst I provide the caring- but I know many families like us who are suffering.

    Besides, the Bedroom Tax gives exemption to sex offenders and people on remand. There is NO justification to that. Also, the whole point is that these are NOT spare bedrooms: they are set up as hospital rooms, or house a child who is violent or does not sleep. That is not spare. For many families state care at a far higher cost would be the only option.

    As for your post about feckless idle elsewhere- we claim some benefits. After redundancy my husband set up a business which is growing and alongside FT work also studies FT for his degree so he is qualified to expand further. Alongside caring I studied for first my degree (obviously i did not claim Carer’s benefits then but I provided all that care) and now am studying my MA in small part time doses. I have many human imperfections, idleness is not amongst them.

  12. what a disgusting creature this man is the word animal is too good for him, he has obviously lived a very priveledge life i do hope no disabled person will be unforturnate to be part of this mans family or part of his circle of friends ,it is seriously sick !!

  13. I realise this is satire, but it’s indistinguishable from a typical blog on the Spectator (or plenty of other rightwing sites). If you’re not careful you’re going to get lots of Tory fans soon.

  14. Very good,but for god sake don`t let any tories see it,or I am pretty sure it will be adopted in to the manifesto,as to them this must be and ideal to be lived up to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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