The Moaning Never Stops

Can there be no peace?

I wanted to get the truth out about the Cyprus situation. Aside from the usual benefits of banking activity, it’s a superb opportunity to blame the EU for necessary re-appropriation of money from private bank accounts, so as to give the money to banks.

One of the less noxious aspects of the EU is that they are wise and brave enough to always bow to the whim of global banking elites before considering the interests of mere Europeans, but I am forced to digress. Another deluge of defamations against Conservatism has washed in on the tide. Alas, there’s  few media outlets for our case to be put while the nanny statists endlessly distort facts for their heinous ends. Thus I will do my part once more to make good against such bias.

First up – A two faced disrespect for disabled “people” has reached new depths.

The remarkable ATOS have correctly decreed that a thalidomide survivor with some sight and hearing should be available for work as a fit and healthy specimen. But the left, who have even infected the pages of the Daily Mail, are complaining that it’s “unfair”. Utter rot. Although there is potential to work up a narrative about “deserving / undeserving poor”, it’s actually fantastic this woman has had her potential recognised at all!

She now has a chance to give something back to society for her treatment, if she can stop revelling in all the attention of course. She’s soon to have another bout of serious surgery and it doesn’t pay for itself.

There must be something she can do to make money. If work is so hard to come by for spastics and the like, then why were we able to close down Remploy recently? (Hah! Johnny Pinko stumped again by the cold logic of a simple case!)

That even people with considerable handicaps should collect benefits for existing doesn’t stand up in this day and age. If she really is hard-up I am minded of a friend’s observation that she must have a trust fund she could live off for a while, and she could even use the time to see if her arms grow back! But Moaning Minnies munching on their soya cardigans would prefer she soak up government funds better put towards whatever our dynamic finance sector asks of us next.

People say that we don’t care about the disabled, but last years Paralympics proved that we value cripples highly, not least for their Public Relations uses. It doesn’t mean we need sacrifice any of the economy for their kind.

Things are bad enough already with a shocking 31% rise in lazy, useless people with no ambition as cited by Crisis. This is measured via the amount of those sleeping rough, and confirms again the cause of our economic woe – people at the bottom of the pile are just not pulling their weight, despite it being an ideal place from which to prove yourself.

And the triple whammy: Fevered Trotsky-ites, such as at The Independent, seem to think a 10 fold demand for food-banks could be a sign of growing deep poverty caused by government “failures”.  Is the truth just not reaching anyone? As the Department Of Works and Pensions so helpfully explained, rise in demand is actually down to better marketing. Conservatives invented being nice after all, with “The Big Society”, so it’s no surprise that supporters who slip into caring about other people occasionally are highly adept masters of highlighting what they have to offer.

Poverty indeed!  Unless you are in absolute poverty, such as during a drought in a third world country, poverty just doesn’t exist. That’s a fact. Those who beat their chest on behalf of the so-called “poor” in this country are immoral in the extreme. They ignore how unfortunate some people are in this world. They try to make political capital from such un-troubling by-products of our wonderful capitalist system as a bit of child malnourishment and levels of depression that often aren’t even suicidal.

I’ve outlined a mere trio of recent examples here, of how news stories are used daily against us to paint a picture that things are somehow going wrong under the stewardship of  Cameron, Osborne and Duncan Smith etc. I was recently reminded that IBS has a literary past that was nearly as successful as his stint as Tory Party Leader! We are truly blessed even to share the same epoch of history as this great man.

It’s bringing such things to your attention that obstructs me revealing how the latest banking marvel is being presented, once more, as a “crisis”. I hope to address you on this soon. Until then, if ever you feel down just think of the warm charisma of John Redwood – surely a salve for cloudiest of minds.



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