Unmasked! Is Meena Britain’s Worst Scrounger?

In the early dark days without Our Dear Leader to guide us it’s important we don’t get bogged down in positive thoughts about her. We must also remember the importance of bitter resentment in the present, or the country will be dragged to further ruin by the hand-wringing left.

Regular readers will know I have given leeway to liberal views about welfare claimants in the past. Sometimes I even wonder if there are downsides to driving them to malnutrition, destitution and suicidal despair, even though it’s good for the economy to do so.

But this case has changed my mind.  I don’t know why the usual press hasn’t mentioned it much. I had to read about it at a blog by Tom Pride – a dangerous man whose posts read so much like a Bakunin tract that I worry an anarchist tofu bomb might fly at me from the monitor at any moment.


The guilty leech he describes is called Fahmeena. She is 30 years old, she can’t even walk or talk and has a mental age of 3. She has a variety of conditions including Cerebral Palsy. Thankfully, ATOS, one of my favourite companies, has found her fit for work. It’s inspiring that they show faith in her. The odious Mr Pride seems to think that she should get benefits for doing nothing while long suffering banks continue to need our money in order to fill what ever enormous black hole next shows up in their finances.

I’m sure my fellow Tories will queue up to denounce this appalling specimen and spread resentment of her far and wide. You can see the evil in her eyes. We’ve had success in the Lucy Meadows case of driving someone to suicide. It’s less likely in this instance, because Meena may not even have the ability to responsibly unburden the state by taking her own life. The upside of her pathetic physical limitations is that there’s no telling the amount of children that may have died as a result of her burning down their homes if she could have moved unaided.

Finally, it can’t have escaped you that she is one of THEM. Yes, I am an iconoclast brave enough to say it. Look at her! She is brown and has a foreign name, probably a Mohammedan! It’s thanks to people like her that we’re not allowed to celebrate Christmas any more!

But we mustn’t dislike people for their race or faith these days. We get called “racists” and bigots” as the left close down debate and stop immigration from ever being discussed anywhere.

Still, we are allowed to find welfare claimants disgusting, so I urge you all to use such freedom of speech as remains to plaster the internet with disdain for Meena and her ilk.

Do it for the memory of Margaret. Thank you.


No Alternative – Make Our Blue Baroness A Saint!

Till now I was unable to share my thoughts on Britain’s greatest loss in a generation. My monitor was but a blur to the eyes, through a ceaseless cascade of tears shed for someone I never actually met or knew.

I used to scorn the emotional displays of North Koreans on the death of their leaders. Now, even though they are foreign, I think I understand their anguish better. Of course, we have achieved this state of grief without any pro-government propaganda at all!

So it is dear friends that we have lost Our Dear Leader –  we may comfort one another in nameless grief, but I urge her true disciples to struggle on, bereft as we may feel, to re-group to a new cause in her name.

The three days since past seems an appropriately Biblical duration for me to stir myself to look for her resurrection in some form or other, and to start the great tasks ahead in winning full recognition of who we were truly blessed to have walk among us.

A funeral of great pomp, stirring eulogies from the glowing elites, countless days of talk and nights of despair – none of these are enough!

Let us dare as one nation to have Margaret Of Grantham on the official road to sainthood as soon as possible! I’m told one can get the ball rolling with an internet petition these days, and hopefully one will be up soon.

I will outline the chief obstacle toward the end of this piece, but first I give my humble effort to capture her contribution to this era, and hopefully lay out the groundwork of a theological case for her divinity.

The main legacies of god’s humble servant were economic and social.

Decades after her creeds were accepted as orthodoxy, we now live through a period of vast economic turmoil and social dystopia, as if her departure from power itself brought a curse to the land. The scale of the problems we now face clearly show that her ideas have just not been followed enough, regardless of the surface enthusiasm of disappointments like Cameron.

It’s true that Labour governments swallowed her economic analysis more or less whole, but not helpful to say so. Better to deride any of their failings as a product of being “left wing” and generally too nice to foreigners, the poor and other such detritus.

Of the post war generation it was Margaret who so clearly voiced and influenced the moral imperative that we serve our individual needs and whims before all else.

But we need to admit that, for all her efforts, she did not always succeed. There are still enemy legions within – welfare scroungers, sexual deviants and foreigners among them, who seek to serve their own individual needs and whims before all else. Where have they picked up such immoral codes? The left are a likely source of blame.

Economically, The Iron Lady decreed that finance capital should be un-fettered : The state had to keep it’s nose out as city whizz kids and market miracles were left alone to do their work. There are blips of course, so when countless scores of billions need to be poured in to cover elaborate derivatives bets and the like, it’s only right that the state steps in to support a capitalist system which inherently functions better than anything the state could manage. We can try to cover costs by cutting spending on the poor. It’s a drop in the ocean, but enough people should think it effective if we keep telling them that the poor are getting all the money.

Remember, although government generally bad and useless, it doesn’t mean we should leave it to lower elements, and it should at least give astonishing amounts of money any time the banks threaten economic chaos. They know best and we should serve. Economic chaos is unthinkable in this country.

As a carpenter’s son once called on us to welcome the money-changers into the temples, so our humble grocer’s daughter encouraged an aspiration culture.
This speaks to another great victory of Thatcher, because the divide between rich and poor is wider now than for many generations, and general social mobility has decreased. So it is that aspiration has increased, because the poor must aspire much more to have any chance of advancement. They should count their blessings, if they’re not too busy killing their own children in house fires.

In foreign affairs Mrs T is most remembered for The Falklands. Sadly she was outdone by a more recent government, in that our Labour rivals managed to kill so many more people with far less reason. And our Argentine opponent was rather brutal – a desperate right leaning militarist tyrant trying to shore up his credibility with a hollow, patriotic show of strength to please the masses. For these reasons I don’t think we should judge him too harshly.

But the conflict did allow us to delude ourselves that we could still dominated the globe, and to relive the smug satisfaction everyone got from our part in World War 2.
Other Falklands parallels with 1939-45 are easy to discern – not least the lone defence of a couple of far off rocks: It’s strikingly similar to siding with 2 super-powers , our own empire and other allies to defeat a global menace. It was just like the old days of Britannia ruling the waves, because she had her picture taken in a tank!

She took the risk of befriending Gorbachev, a self confessed socialist. After he stepped down Russia danced down the path to pretty much her tune of capitalism. Their gargantuan state sell offs made ours look miniscule. As a consequence, Russia has known full freedom ever since, devoid totally of corruption, authoritarianism, poverty or the old intrigues.

Blessings indeed. But there are yet more: Look you to the brave stance against the likes of Nelson Mandela and his ilk for being terrorists. These days one is jumped on by self appointed guardians (pun intended) of morality if one dares to say anything that may sound supportive of apartheid. But Margaret knew deep down the legacy of the white man’s burden. She probably knew and understood the vital efforts being undertaken in 1980s South Africa to develop a race specific bio-weapon to target black people, codenamed “Project Coast”, and she was not afraid to give a nod and a wink to racial realists in order to get some votes at home. Today, too much of that ground is being given over to UKIP. There would be no need for them to exist at all if we were doing our job properly.

Mrs T had an understanding of the Irish situation that would dwarf that of any history professor in that backward land or this. Her enyclopedic knowledge taught her that the so called Republican cause was devoid of political content. When she tried to deny the IRA the oxygen of publicity, TV news ended up showing muted film of their spokespeople while the words were provided by actors. It made so much sense, and was part of a success in keeping tensions going for several years longer than may have been risked.

It’s only when she left office that a peace process became possible. Much weaker beings fell into the trap of wanting peace and resorting to politics. This ended in the dubious Good Friday Agreement that only managed to change the Republic’s constitutional claim, secure disarmament and win the support of both communities of the 6 counties, the electorate of the Republic and the UK/NI Parliament itself – All valueless compared to whatever Margaret may have wanted. But it was too late to ask by then.

I’d like to make some personal observations at this point – She was a true and loyal to those who were privelidged to be her friend. It might be best ignored now to think that one such pal was Jimmy Savile, a regular Christmas guest. She personally arranged much of his access in Broadmoar, but lets face it – it’s unpleasant to think of what he might be doing with her body right now if he were still alive!

Another dear chum was August Pinochet. In dark times, she stood firmly by as he was constantly got at by hand-wringing liberals and leftists over huge “human” rights abuses.
OK, so he had democratic opponents shot by the thousand, or raped with dogs.
But sensitive types should see past that kind of trivia and admit that economic experimentation is far more important.

In return for her support, Margaret may have learned much from Augusto, such as the true value of using the police and military a political tool, without oversight, to crush troublemaking dissenters, such she managed against the miners. But the human rights industry will have stopped her further emulating the great Chilean. It may be sad that we never got to execute thousands of our opponents in football stadia, but we should still spare a moment’d thanks for a true and inspiring bond that will beyond the grave.

Margaret was a great Christian, and I am minded that Jesus said “By their fruits shall ye know them”. I’m rusty on which part of The Bible it is from, but it’s profound enough to be not distant from the teaching “Sell off all that your government owns at a price that is cut, giving such infrastrucutre to your natural supporters on the cheap. And henceforth put the gained incomes towards tax cuts for the same chosen few”.

The most cherished fruit of her womb was, of course, Mark. I wonder if the role of Dennis was parallel to that of Joseph, in that Marks qualities are so clearly divine as raise the question of immaculate conception.  With the world at his feet and just about any profession open to him, this charming man dedicated his life to selling masses of fearsome weaponry to governments which needed them most, in regions which combine great mass poverty and political instability with great mineral wealth. He is a man of action still, never afraid to get involved in some coup or other. He has evaded likely corruption charges in regards to Saudi Arabia, thanks to their inspiring terroristic threats to the Blair government. Basically, he’s a real life James Bond, but better looking and with more moral conviction. I look forward to his arrival back in Blighty for the funeral!

Such spiritual thoughts remind me of other godly dimensions to Margarets cherished days with us. Just last month, Barnado’s outlined that items considered necessities 30 years ago, such as  Christmas / Birthday presents or an annual weeks holiday away, are now considered luxuries. Given our economic success this change in attitude can’t be a matter of increased poverty and lowered expectations. It can only be a sign that we’re turning our backs on some of the material frippery of this world, hopefully to follow after our master Maggie into a more ethereal realm, where the poor, at long last, may no longer be with us, cast down instead to the more tormented fates they deserve. Hopefully there won’t be so many immigrants in that astral heaven either.

I can’t cover everything here, but neither can I let her wrestle with union barons get missed out: There was a time when whole working class communities were cursed with full employment, a horrible socialist goal that puts upward pressure on wages. A person could leave school at 16 and walk into a variety of reasonably paying jobs. This way of life had to be smashed by whatever means necessary.

The scene today is unrecognisable. We are blessed with competition supported by surging youth unemployment. People with degrees can end up thankful for a chance to work at minimum wage in a fast food outlet. It’s a triumph for keeping up British standards and good behaviour. The menace of masses of people having power in the workplace has been all but obliterated, and the workers are truly thankful for their new atomised position.

We can focus on wealth creation via jumbling numbers on a screen. There’s no need to get bogged down in 3 dimensional turgidity of making actual things. To underline this great shift, we’ve run a trade deficit ever since the mid 80s!

Yet for all of this, as I and so many others try in vain to sum up her great life, there are great toxicities still alive on this isle. We know there are bitter people celebrating The Lady’s demise. But take courage! There are louder voices on our side! The printed press can still perform a function. As they roundly denounce Thatcher’s opponents this week, rest assured they occupy the moral high ground with full public backing.

These are the kind of people that drive normal individuals caught up in events to suicidal despair. They’ve been caught spying on murdered children and their families, bribing the police and delighting in misery, hate and double standards day in and day out. They ceaselessly misjudge the state of the economy and made the obvious fib that no one predicted the 2008 financial crash become a concrete certainty. Who dare defy their judgement If they have the God given confidence to tell us right from wrong after all that?

At the start of this solemn article I alluded to obstacles on the road to Sainthood, and the largest could be the new Pope himself. He is Argentine, but  worse still – he has a nasty habit of speaking out for the poor! Let us hope to outwit his naïve brain, and there is hope. For The Great Lady once said that anyone still travelling on a bus by their 30s was a failure. The Bishop Of Rome is a great deal more senior and is known to still travel on buses – he is a deliberate and proud failure, one we should be able to defeat in political battle.

So weep no more, eternal youth of Albion! Do not cease ‘ere joyous cries of  “Saint Maggie!” grace every tongue in the land. For her body may have passed on, but like one who went before, she can yet conquer death, and she will.

Take faith and be first to spread our new gospel!  It starts in the build up to the funeral, an occasion that will see the capital swamped with police using random stop and search powers against anyone who looks remotely suspicious. She would be so pleased!

Hurrah For Daily Mail Common Sense!

Amid an ocean of mainstream communism, The Daily Mail is one of too few voices that will, from time to time, emit common sense. Long years may have passed since the proud pinnacle, when the front page cheered “Hurrah” for Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts, but recently there has been a return to form.
Firstly, the organ is prepared to do battle with David Cameron, a man who may be willing to take some part in the necessary war on lower class spongers, but who has social leanings that owe more to Cultural Marxism than the party whose proud youth were once known to sport “Hang Nelson Mandela” T Shirts.
Against Cameron’s tide of political correctness stands Richard Littlejohn, a sharp and generous young man who has recently been at the forefront of a great victory. Late last year he insisted that a teacher, due to undergo a sex change operation, shouldn’t be in the job.  Now, thanks to a vociferous campaign, the desired vacancy has been achieved. The specimen was not sacked of course, so called “human” rights precluded that.
Instead, with reporters constantly doorstepping and rightly haranguing the post-op freak, “she” underwent more drastic physical change by killing “her” self. Mr Littlejohn may not fully claim credit for a causal link, but his was the most high profile and bitter among a deluge of critique. Proud as I’m sure he his for his part in this deserved misery, he deserves an award for a key role in driving someone so despicable to their timely death, thus freeing young people from the dreadful prospect of having any kind of significant variety of “human” influence their lives.
And this week came the cherry on the cake – The Mail has stepped forward to trumpet a long suppressed truth – Being on benefits makes people kill children! Even I had scant idea this was the case, but the headline on Tuesday made it clear. The case in Derby where 6 children died in a house fire set by their father and his mistress wasn’t all bad of course, and it provided a good opportunity to politicise suffering. “Vile Product Of Welfare UK” clearly shows that it was welfare payments that made Philpott carry out his mostly foul deed. It’s good to make the household seem workless, even though 2 of 3 adults were working. Never let facts get in the way! It’s more important to deride the detritus.
One clear claim is that benefits were the motive for having children. Even though the court case indicates that Philpotts’s desire to prove virility is more likely, it’s important to make use of what we can to make the point. It’s possible The Mail was thus referring to the dead children as being the “vile product” of the system – and they clearly were vile, which is another silver lining to the case. I hope the Mail can clarify on this point and plainly declare the dead children as “vile” on the warranted individual basis.Anyhow, even if over 10 survive, for now,  Britain is better off and the benefits can go to such totems of aspiration as deserve it, via paying off a small part of the national debt to banks, to whom we owe full loyalty. Without them, be in no doubt that our economy would be in a parlous state! Sadly, we are now paying for the guilty to be in prison. This will only make sense once that service is fully privatised.

Another Heaven sent writer, A N Wilson, argued in The Mail that Philpott’s behaviour was typical of working class estates in the country.


But the pieces have been a little short of hard evidence for the claims, and I’m fully aware of how Pinkos get hung up on such detail. So I conducted my own research via a survey of estate/benefit types. I kept it simple for my own purposes and to cater for the innate stupidity of my subjects.

It ran thus:

1) Have you ever claimed benefits? (such as pension, child benefit etc.)

2) Have you ever lived on a working class estate?

3) If you have answered “yes” to (1) or (2) how many children have you killed?

a) Probably more than 6

b) About 6
c) Less than 6
d) Probably none.
The results shouldn’t have shocked me, but they did. Can you believe that not one lower class sponger would even admit to being a child killer? I suppose once you’ve killed children, even poor ones, then lying about it becomes quite easy.My research shows the callous denial of the worst elements of society.

Small wonder that the ever radiant Iain Duncan Smith refuses to lower himself to live on benefit levels to prove that he could.

IBS clearly doesn’t want to get sucked into the vortex of infanticide plaguing our country, of which only the likes of The Daily Mail dare speak.