Hurrah For Daily Mail Common Sense!

Amid an ocean of mainstream communism, The Daily Mail is one of too few voices that will, from time to time, emit common sense. Long years may have passed since the proud pinnacle, when the front page cheered “Hurrah” for Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts, but recently there has been a return to form.
Firstly, the organ is prepared to do battle with David Cameron, a man who may be willing to take some part in the necessary war on lower class spongers, but who has social leanings that owe more to Cultural Marxism than the party whose proud youth were once known to sport “Hang Nelson Mandela” T Shirts.
Against Cameron’s tide of political correctness stands Richard Littlejohn, a sharp and generous young man who has recently been at the forefront of a great victory. Late last year he insisted that a teacher, due to undergo a sex change operation, shouldn’t be in the job.  Now, thanks to a vociferous campaign, the desired vacancy has been achieved. The specimen was not sacked of course, so called “human” rights precluded that.
Instead, with reporters constantly doorstepping and rightly haranguing the post-op freak, “she” underwent more drastic physical change by killing “her” self. Mr Littlejohn may not fully claim credit for a causal link, but his was the most high profile and bitter among a deluge of critique. Proud as I’m sure he his for his part in this deserved misery, he deserves an award for a key role in driving someone so despicable to their timely death, thus freeing young people from the dreadful prospect of having any kind of significant variety of “human” influence their lives.
And this week came the cherry on the cake – The Mail has stepped forward to trumpet a long suppressed truth – Being on benefits makes people kill children! Even I had scant idea this was the case, but the headline on Tuesday made it clear. The case in Derby where 6 children died in a house fire set by their father and his mistress wasn’t all bad of course, and it provided a good opportunity to politicise suffering. “Vile Product Of Welfare UK” clearly shows that it was welfare payments that made Philpott carry out his mostly foul deed. It’s good to make the household seem workless, even though 2 of 3 adults were working. Never let facts get in the way! It’s more important to deride the detritus.
One clear claim is that benefits were the motive for having children. Even though the court case indicates that Philpotts’s desire to prove virility is more likely, it’s important to make use of what we can to make the point. It’s possible The Mail was thus referring to the dead children as being the “vile product” of the system – and they clearly were vile, which is another silver lining to the case. I hope the Mail can clarify on this point and plainly declare the dead children as “vile” on the warranted individual basis.Anyhow, even if over 10 survive, for now,  Britain is better off and the benefits can go to such totems of aspiration as deserve it, via paying off a small part of the national debt to banks, to whom we owe full loyalty. Without them, be in no doubt that our economy would be in a parlous state! Sadly, we are now paying for the guilty to be in prison. This will only make sense once that service is fully privatised.

Another Heaven sent writer, A N Wilson, argued in The Mail that Philpott’s behaviour was typical of working class estates in the country.


But the pieces have been a little short of hard evidence for the claims, and I’m fully aware of how Pinkos get hung up on such detail. So I conducted my own research via a survey of estate/benefit types. I kept it simple for my own purposes and to cater for the innate stupidity of my subjects.

It ran thus:

1) Have you ever claimed benefits? (such as pension, child benefit etc.)

2) Have you ever lived on a working class estate?

3) If you have answered “yes” to (1) or (2) how many children have you killed?

a) Probably more than 6

b) About 6
c) Less than 6
d) Probably none.
The results shouldn’t have shocked me, but they did. Can you believe that not one lower class sponger would even admit to being a child killer? I suppose once you’ve killed children, even poor ones, then lying about it becomes quite easy.My research shows the callous denial of the worst elements of society.

Small wonder that the ever radiant Iain Duncan Smith refuses to lower himself to live on benefit levels to prove that he could.

IBS clearly doesn’t want to get sucked into the vortex of infanticide plaguing our country, of which only the likes of The Daily Mail dare speak.


2 thoughts on “Hurrah For Daily Mail Common Sense!

  1. Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, white countries for EVERYBODY!
    a) Genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Well said, and brave too.

      If only Project Coast had more success.

      Respect for everybody means hating white people. As we look around we see that hardly any leading figure in politics, business, media or the arts is white these days. Glad you spotted it too!

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