Unmasked! Is Meena Britain’s Worst Scrounger?

In the early dark days without Our Dear Leader to guide us it’s important we don’t get bogged down in positive thoughts about her. We must also remember the importance of bitter resentment in the present, or the country will be dragged to further ruin by the hand-wringing left.

Regular readers will know I have given leeway to liberal views about welfare claimants in the past. Sometimes I even wonder if there are downsides to driving them to malnutrition, destitution and suicidal despair, even though it’s good for the economy to do so.

But this case has changed my mind.  I don’t know why the usual press hasn’t mentioned it much. I had to read about it at a blog by Tom Pride – a dangerous man whose posts read so much like a Bakunin tract that I worry an anarchist tofu bomb might fly at me from the monitor at any moment.


The guilty leech he describes is called Fahmeena. She is 30 years old, she can’t even walk or talk and has a mental age of 3. She has a variety of conditions including Cerebral Palsy. Thankfully, ATOS, one of my favourite companies, has found her fit for work. It’s inspiring that they show faith in her. The odious Mr Pride seems to think that she should get benefits for doing nothing while long suffering banks continue to need our money in order to fill what ever enormous black hole next shows up in their finances.

I’m sure my fellow Tories will queue up to denounce this appalling specimen and spread resentment of her far and wide. You can see the evil in her eyes. We’ve had success in the Lucy Meadows case of driving someone to suicide. It’s less likely in this instance, because Meena may not even have the ability to responsibly unburden the state by taking her own life. The upside of her pathetic physical limitations is that there’s no telling the amount of children that may have died as a result of her burning down their homes if she could have moved unaided.

Finally, it can’t have escaped you that she is one of THEM. Yes, I am an iconoclast brave enough to say it. Look at her! She is brown and has a foreign name, probably a Mohammedan! It’s thanks to people like her that we’re not allowed to celebrate Christmas any more!

But we mustn’t dislike people for their race or faith these days. We get called “racists” and bigots” as the left close down debate and stop immigration from ever being discussed anywhere.

Still, we are allowed to find welfare claimants disgusting, so I urge you all to use such freedom of speech as remains to plaster the internet with disdain for Meena and her ilk.

Do it for the memory of Margaret. Thank you.


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