Profit From Rape – At Long Last!

How long has rape been the play thing of the left, with generations of bleating that dressing provocatively isn’t basically asking for it?

Now the boot is on the other foot for once – a new market place has been opened for the care of “victims”. It’s not as if there hasn’t been huge public demand for this move. I remember my first “Privatise Rape Centre Care” demonstration – tens of thousands of people thronged past Downing Street demanding the right to make money out of rape and other sexual assault.

Now, after years of tireless campaigning the glorious day we worked for has dawned, and who are more deserving of the prize than G4S? It’s so much better than leaving this kind of thing to namby pamby social workers who’ll have your baby murdered as soon as look at them. An inspiring story in tough times!


Morals: The New Immorality?

“Taxes are for little people” said US Businesswoman Leona Helmsley. It makes a lot of sense. Important people, life’s winners, need funds to indulge fine taste, display their importance,  invest in hedge funds and a host of other worthwhile pursuits.

But some entities tower above humans in the pantheon of creation. I refer of course to the sacred corporations. There’s been a lot of fuss recently about their tax avoidance. It’s as if benefiting from our education system  and a range of other state funded infrastructure entails some “moral” duty to play their part. It’s one thing to expect little people to pay tax or do good deeds for nothing through “The Big Society”, but where is the need to leech off the battered corporations? Some of them are already paying around 0.5% tax on their profits as it is.

In promising to tackle the issue, the PM has been showing disturbing signs of harking to the siren calls of Marxist militants. Cameron? “Commie con” seems a more likely diagnosis at the moment. The worry is that this kind of moralising can even lead to something being done – sounds far fetched and hopefully it’s all a smokescreen, but we must always be on our guard.

Once again we must remind fellow Britons – More money has to be given to banks, but at the same time we must protect other corporations – they need funds to pay for lobbyists or to bribe the Tory party in exchange for policy.

Who should pay? The poor for one – they have plenty of money these days  with their spare rooms, tins of beans and the bills they can sometimes afford.

The middle class can also be tapped for money. The worst they do is mutter, and  it’s easy to get them to resent migrants and proles instead of their rightful masters.

It’s morally wrong to expect corporations to pay towards the grubby business of the state – it only ends up going back to corporations in fat contracts anyway! In any case, they’re in the best position to find their way round rules on the global stage. Corporate domination is global. The little people must remember their place.

Fire Fighting : More Leftist Luxury We Simply Can’t Afford!

“Consultation” is to take place on the closure of 12 London fire stations with a loss of up to 520 jobs.

Let’s be clear from the off : Fire fighters are a bunch of lazy, greedy scroungers.
Did you know they even they even expect pensions, just for having paid into them!

It’s said they’ll risk their lives, but what are their lives worth if they are lazy, greedy scroungers? Get out of that one Trotsky.

Clever capitalists did their best to improve things in the dinosaur sector, but even after the fire engines were sold off for £2 to a private equity firms it’s become clear that not enough  money is being made from this politically correct habit of wanting to save as many lives as possible.

Being able to fight fires was all very well in the fuzzy days of spending too much, but times have changed. We have a recovering economy, and bailouts don’t pay for themselves. So it’s time to increase unemployment and let some of the serf scum frazzle and choke.

Am I the only one brave enough to say it?


Victory! Poverty, Suicide & Disabled Kids Wallowing In Their Excrement!

UKIP’s surge at the local elections told Conservatives that we must be harder on the weak, those who are in many ways not even fully human.

At the top of human society are the type of people who inspire us as contestants on The Apprentice – generous, striving, charismatic.

In the middle are what we call the “hard working strivers alarm-clock Britain quiet bat people” – these do enough to keep the whole system going when it goes wrong, while those at the top avoid tax as they deserve, pay to write policy via lobbyists and get the bailouts and expense accounts they need.

At the bottom come the detritus – those who find misfortune in birth or afterwards and need some kind of help in life, either for a while or, worse still, for their whole lives. It’s disgusting to even think about. But think of them we must, or we can never be as fully rid of them as we might be.

Thankfully, news is coming in that the pain of our policies is starting to hit these filth.

For example, in recent months a pay-day loan problems has become clearer. Clever people somewhere are maximising profit from poverty. It really does stir the loins.

More exciting still, news of the first suicides caused by the so called “spare room tax”. Take this useless specimen, who at least had the decency to relieve us of her existence.

I’ve suggested before that suicide, as a rational choice of the otherwise useless, can be seen as a final market solution to many of our problems. Some people found that offensive, but they don’t understand that the markets don’t recognise such emotions as offence. I only deal in cold facts. And the cold fact is that it is dangerous to be  too nice to the virtually sub human, it sets a precedent.

So imagine how impressed I was to learn from this video that it is now standard practice to allow disabled children to sit around in their own excrement to save money on nappies.

Comfort for cripple-kids or banker bailouts? The choice is simple, and we have made it.

The interviewee, Ms Vincent, claimed that David Cameron promised to do something about the limited number of nappies provided by the state before the last election. A too typical moment of liberalism on behalf of our weak leader. Thankfully he was being shallow and disingenous and has done nothing about it since becoming Prime Minister. He has had too much to do caving into the overwhelming public demand to privatise the Post Office and legalise advertising of gambling.

The more miserable life becomes for so called “carers” the more they may be persuaded to put cripples into full time care, provided by state funded privateers at upwards of £150,000 a year. Here, dynamic market forces can see to it that as much money is made as possible by keeping enjoyment of life to a bare minimum for wretches who probably wouldn’t appreciate it anyway.

So take heart, there is no need to wobble to the call of UKIP, no matter how sensible their call for bicycle licences may be. For we Conservatives can once again  draw from the wells of hate and disdain for the less evolved. I’m sure there was a regime that used to refer to them as “untermensch”. It reminds me of the lovely Louise, recent departed MP of a similar surname. She ran a deeply thoughtful Twitter account. But I can’t recall the original clever government who came up with the term. It sounds Germanic though. Perhaps a reader can end my confusion.