Fire Fighting : More Leftist Luxury We Simply Can’t Afford!

“Consultation” is to take place on the closure of 12 London fire stations with a loss of up to 520 jobs.

Let’s be clear from the off : Fire fighters are a bunch of lazy, greedy scroungers.
Did you know they even they even expect pensions, just for having paid into them!

It’s said they’ll risk their lives, but what are their lives worth if they are lazy, greedy scroungers? Get out of that one Trotsky.

Clever capitalists did their best to improve things in the dinosaur sector, but even after the fire engines were sold off for £2 to a private equity firms it’s become clear that not enough  money is being made from this politically correct habit of wanting to save as many lives as possible.

Being able to fight fires was all very well in the fuzzy days of spending too much, but times have changed. We have a recovering economy, and bailouts don’t pay for themselves. So it’s time to increase unemployment and let some of the serf scum frazzle and choke.

Am I the only one brave enough to say it?



2 thoughts on “Fire Fighting : More Leftist Luxury We Simply Can’t Afford!

  1. Tally Ho! Splendid news old bean, the Conservative Party have at long last grasped the nettle and floated the idea of limiting the number of GP’s appointments people will be allowed to make without being charged. Rejoice! At long last, our betters have decided those who can’t pay their way, such as seriously ill people, disabled types, the elderly and those not born into money are to be charged for going to the doctor too often! Let us hope this becomes a definite Tory policy in future.

    Read the spiffing news here…

    (Apologies for linking to a nefarious fifth columnist publication like the Indy old chap).

    What what what what what….

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