Morals: The New Immorality?

“Taxes are for little people” said US Businesswoman Leona Helmsley. It makes a lot of sense. Important people, life’s winners, need funds to indulge fine taste, display their importance,  invest in hedge funds and a host of other worthwhile pursuits.

But some entities tower above humans in the pantheon of creation. I refer of course to the sacred corporations. There’s been a lot of fuss recently about their tax avoidance. It’s as if benefiting from our education system  and a range of other state funded infrastructure entails some “moral” duty to play their part. It’s one thing to expect little people to pay tax or do good deeds for nothing through “The Big Society”, but where is the need to leech off the battered corporations? Some of them are already paying around 0.5% tax on their profits as it is.

In promising to tackle the issue, the PM has been showing disturbing signs of harking to the siren calls of Marxist militants. Cameron? “Commie con” seems a more likely diagnosis at the moment. The worry is that this kind of moralising can even lead to something being done – sounds far fetched and hopefully it’s all a smokescreen, but we must always be on our guard.

Once again we must remind fellow Britons – More money has to be given to banks, but at the same time we must protect other corporations – they need funds to pay for lobbyists or to bribe the Tory party in exchange for policy.

Who should pay? The poor for one – they have plenty of money these days  with their spare rooms, tins of beans and the bills they can sometimes afford.

The middle class can also be tapped for money. The worst they do is mutter, and  it’s easy to get them to resent migrants and proles instead of their rightful masters.

It’s morally wrong to expect corporations to pay towards the grubby business of the state – it only ends up going back to corporations in fat contracts anyway! In any case, they’re in the best position to find their way round rules on the global stage. Corporate domination is global. The little people must remember their place.


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