Profit From Rape – At Long Last!

How long has rape been the play thing of the left, with generations of bleating that dressing provocatively isn’t basically asking for it?

Now the boot is on the other foot for once – a new market place has been opened for the care of “victims”. It’s not as if there hasn’t been huge public demand for this move. I remember my first “Privatise Rape Centre Care” demonstration – tens of thousands of people thronged past Downing Street demanding the right to make money out of rape and other sexual assault.

Now, after years of tireless campaigning the glorious day we worked for has dawned, and who are more deserving of the prize than G4S? It’s so much better than leaving this kind of thing to namby pamby social workers who’ll have your baby murdered as soon as look at them. An inspiring story in tough times!


One thought on “Profit From Rape – At Long Last!

  1. G4S are to be applauded for understanding the true genius of the marketplace and maximising its potential here. They’re simultaneously going to be running the kind of low level sex offender treatment groups that were previously the preserve of the Probation Service, AND the rape centres for victims of those who slip through their net and go on to commit more serious offences. They get paid every which way, successfully managed sex offender or no, it’s two bites at the same sweet, delicious cherry. And why not? This is precisely the kind of go-getting approach to the monetisation of sexual offences that has been lacking to now in our criminal justice system and public services, thanks to filthy Marxists who seem to think this should all be the preserve of the State. Nonsense! I mean, where’s the money in that?

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