Driving The Poor Into Caves


The parochial rag responsible for this piece has clearly been got at by a Kropotkinite collectivist rabble.  The tone of the referenced piece is of course negative , results of the iron will of nature being a “scandal” according to the headline.

The Daily Mail can show signs of being dangerously left wing at times, but at least their angle on the story played up the migrant theme more. Never mind bleeding heart pity for life’s clear losers – It’s important to show grasping foreigners as associated with chaotic filth

The obsessive Manchester Evening News has another piece on the theme today, which I’ll spare you the repulsion of having to see. It’s bemoaning that  “middle class” people are now living in caves and tents as if it’s a bad thing.

Tent cities have been burgeoning phemomena in the US for some time. It is their economic models we should be persuing as all good conservatives are proud to espouse. It’s a stern warning to my Conservative colleagues that UKIP proudly look to such neo liberal models and are reaping the reward.

Caves are simply  sub terranean dwellings for sub humans – life’s clear losers.  The moan about “middle class” people seeing their lives fall apart within months of losing a job is unqualified. Where was theirinsurance for such an eventuality?

Insurance is one of the great financial industries on which miracles of modern  finance capital, like derivatives markets, are founded. Essentially it is gambling – a bet that something will go wrong. Those who are too shy of the rigours of these markets, or too mean to partake, know what to expect.

The mighty Glencore make heaps of money speculating on food prices – gambling on whether scores of millions may eat or starve. It’s truly inspirational.

No one except the elite is, or should be safe from the threat of ruin. Any alleviation of that threat makes people lazy and complancent in a way that is itself ruinous for the economy.

Thankfully the  middle class can be persuaded that their interests lie in propping up the elite and can easily be persuaded to look on the poor with appropriate disdain.

Although we must convince folk that it is the poor who are responsible for all the money disappearing, they clearly don’t have much to take in reality. As the US again shows, the middle class need to be squeezed, hammered and patronised. History shows us this works very well with little meaningful resistance.

Tough times demand tough sacrifices. Providence, destiny, God…call it what you will, it has decreed that some are superior and it must remain that way.

It is only the foul advance of liberalism that robbed many peoples of the notion of The Divine Right Of Kings. We may never fully win that back, but we must do all in our power to bolster the elites that exist.


One thought on “Driving The Poor Into Caves

  1. As a diehard Tory it is heartening to see people being forced to live in caves. I am also glad members of the middle class, people who are usually able to keep their heads above water, are being dragged into this situation too, since it serves as an example to those who are of that station what can happen if they were to ever turn poor, and a reminder to not go soft on the worst in our society i.e. the poor, disabled and homeless.

    What more can be said of the fine fellows of Glencore, whose determination to make as much money for themselves serves as a shining example of what capitalism can accomplish? Well without them, poor people might have an easier time feeding themselves and their families! Food as a commodity is much better used as a means for already wealthy people to make even more money. What better use can anyone think of for food? Certainly not being used to feed those born into (shudder) average families or worse those with permanent disabilities…

    I am also heartened to find fellow travellers in surprising places. The splendid chap “William”, of “Denton”, is a frequent commenter on the Daily Mail website, with a refreshing perspective on matters of welfare, poverty and unemployment. I suggest you check out his profile for another fine example of proper, traditional Conservative values. His comments are pleasing to read.

    Tally Ho!! And remember to only whip your servants lightly on the Sabbath!

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