Rejoice – More Useless Cripples Are Topping Themselves!

The authors of this piece may be the foulest of anarachists and trots, but the news looks positive. 

Surely IDS must now be a shoe-in for politician of the year, coming as this does on top of the ceaseless success of his Universal Credit plans.

Some may say that suicide isn’t dependable enough a means of ridding ourselves of the human filth who can’t produce for capital. But thanks to political correctness, mass euthanasia programs just don’t seem like they will happen in the short term. And as I’ve said before, suicide has the advantage of being a matter of free choice – it is a market dynamic which we have managed to create in order that welfare bills can be lowered, giving confidence to the sacred international markets.

What a happy period this is. Roll on more untermensch suicide and misery! 


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