The Moaning Never Stops

Can there be no peace?

I wanted to get the truth out about the Cyprus situation. Aside from the usual benefits of banking activity, it’s a superb opportunity to blame the EU for necessary re-appropriation of money from private bank accounts, so as to give the money to banks.

One of the less noxious aspects of the EU is that they are wise and brave enough to always bow to the whim of global banking elites before considering the interests of mere Europeans, but I am forced to digress. Another deluge of defamations against Conservatism has washed in on the tide. Alas, there’s  few media outlets for our case to be put while the nanny statists endlessly distort facts for their heinous ends. Thus I will do my part once more to make good against such bias.

First up – A two faced disrespect for disabled “people” has reached new depths.

The remarkable ATOS have correctly decreed that a thalidomide survivor with some sight and hearing should be available for work as a fit and healthy specimen. But the left, who have even infected the pages of the Daily Mail, are complaining that it’s “unfair”. Utter rot. Although there is potential to work up a narrative about “deserving / undeserving poor”, it’s actually fantastic this woman has had her potential recognised at all!

She now has a chance to give something back to society for her treatment, if she can stop revelling in all the attention of course. She’s soon to have another bout of serious surgery and it doesn’t pay for itself.

There must be something she can do to make money. If work is so hard to come by for spastics and the like, then why were we able to close down Remploy recently? (Hah! Johnny Pinko stumped again by the cold logic of a simple case!)

That even people with considerable handicaps should collect benefits for existing doesn’t stand up in this day and age. If she really is hard-up I am minded of a friend’s observation that she must have a trust fund she could live off for a while, and she could even use the time to see if her arms grow back! But Moaning Minnies munching on their soya cardigans would prefer she soak up government funds better put towards whatever our dynamic finance sector asks of us next.

People say that we don’t care about the disabled, but last years Paralympics proved that we value cripples highly, not least for their Public Relations uses. It doesn’t mean we need sacrifice any of the economy for their kind.

Things are bad enough already with a shocking 31% rise in lazy, useless people with no ambition as cited by Crisis. This is measured via the amount of those sleeping rough, and confirms again the cause of our economic woe – people at the bottom of the pile are just not pulling their weight, despite it being an ideal place from which to prove yourself.

And the triple whammy: Fevered Trotsky-ites, such as at The Independent, seem to think a 10 fold demand for food-banks could be a sign of growing deep poverty caused by government “failures”.  Is the truth just not reaching anyone? As the Department Of Works and Pensions so helpfully explained, rise in demand is actually down to better marketing. Conservatives invented being nice after all, with “The Big Society”, so it’s no surprise that supporters who slip into caring about other people occasionally are highly adept masters of highlighting what they have to offer.

Poverty indeed!  Unless you are in absolute poverty, such as during a drought in a third world country, poverty just doesn’t exist. That’s a fact. Those who beat their chest on behalf of the so-called “poor” in this country are immoral in the extreme. They ignore how unfortunate some people are in this world. They try to make political capital from such un-troubling by-products of our wonderful capitalist system as a bit of child malnourishment and levels of depression that often aren’t even suicidal.

I’ve outlined a mere trio of recent examples here, of how news stories are used daily against us to paint a picture that things are somehow going wrong under the stewardship of  Cameron, Osborne and Duncan Smith etc. I was recently reminded that IBS has a literary past that was nearly as successful as his stint as Tory Party Leader! We are truly blessed even to share the same epoch of history as this great man.

It’s bringing such things to your attention that obstructs me revealing how the latest banking marvel is being presented, once more, as a “crisis”. I hope to address you on this soon. Until then, if ever you feel down just think of the warm charisma of John Redwood – surely a salve for cloudiest of minds.



Defend Health Corporations! Nurses Are A Cancer In The NHS!

Conservatives opposed the founding of the NHS, built as it was on the offensive and stupid idea that all “humans” deserve certain health care standards as of right.

We are modern enough though. We’ve since taken  the popularity of the NHS on board, even pretended to care about it. The poor public, misguided as ever by leftist brainwashing, scarce registers that it’s morally dubious at best for any system of provision to not be centred on making money. The invisible hand is enough to guide all, for it is close to the very hand of God.

Eventually a way was found, under the Major government, to channel public funds into private corporations. Here they more properly belong than to be under the archaic gaze of “democratic accountability”.

This scheme was called the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). It was also clever because it fed a public appetite for services matched only by the appetite to avoid paying for them. So the money was borrowed instead, somewhat like a mortgage. There are other ways for government to pay less in the long run and have more control, but that’s akin to communism, which is bad.  And upfront government investment is often not realistic to the times.  The NHS was built during the great national abundance that followed 6 years of luxurious warfare. Another war would surely be a good thing now, but I digress.

Even militant leftists like Blair couldn’t deny the good sense of PFI.  Labour liked to refer to the process as”Public – Private Partnerships” – an astute way of sounding like a balanced approach. Yet the public pays more for less control, while private companies can focus on what’s best for them and all of us – making money! Labour could also trumpet investment while keeping the accounting “off balance”. Yes! Even stupid working class Labour can learn simple fraud techniques from great market thinkers if they put their mind to it.

Public opposition to PFI never got very far because it was easy to make the issue sound dull.

Thus a great entrepreneurial spirit was rewarded. Dynamic corporate execs learned to easily run rings round civil servants when drawing up contracts. The public were done a great service as wilfully inept government was charged well over the odds for projects that will still be being paid for decades hence. Aspects like maintenance contracts meant that companies with get-up-and-go could lock in hospitals to paying perhaps £300 to have a light bulb changed!  £300 that could have otherwise gone towards keeping another useless old thing clinging to life long past the point of economic productivity!

Fast forward to 2010: After long years of turmoil under ceaseless initiatives from control-freak Labour, David Cameron announced there would be “no top-down re-organisation of the NHS”. Ever a man of his word, he and his adept cabinet saw to it that the NHS would be totally re organised. But not from the top down, mark you. The only top-down aspect was the decision-making process between corporations and cabinet, working in partnership, to in fact distribute money outward.  Anyone willing to pay enough up front for an endless stream of public funds is welcome to have a go. It’s truly democratic for once, liberated from the dead hand of healthcare “professionals”, often gone stale from years of medical practice.  As usual, donations to party funds are properly marked as being a sign of financial good judgement towards the bidding process, but there’s no need to be formal about that.

How the cabinet cheered and beat their fists on the table with great dignity when the biggest changes were rubber stamped. They weren’t just making their friends happy, but themselves too in many cases! Many of them had direct interests in this great initiative and only those steeped in the politics of envy would deny them just reward for their efforts.

Surprisingly, the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation didn’t subject this common sense shift to any kind of tawdry “analysis” or critique.
Chair of the BBC Governors is the Conservative stalwart Chris Patten. He may be left leaning, pretty much Fabian if you ask me, but at least he has his own interests in a private health corporation. His benign influence at the corporation must have paid off. It is not the role of the BBC to go around asking questions of government. Where might that lead?

And now, the icing on the cake! Thanks to a quick move that wrong-footed the enemy, skipping past any nonsense such as scrutiny, this April will see just about every aspect of the NHS opened up to the glories and rigours of market provision! No more fuddy duddy obsession with “oversight”, all that stuff can be dumped in a bin marked “commercial confidentiality”

But alas, nothing is ever perfect. In our time away from steering the ship of state, a rancid curse grew within the NHS.  The biggest threat of all was left to fester – I speak of nurses!! Did we just not see the wood for the trees?

It used to be that hiring nurses was very near the top of financial priorities in hospitals. Now, thankfully, the priority is paying back the complex myriad of PFI companies and consortia. It’s not for us to know who owns them; it’s a matter for the market. We can just be thankful that these nursing harpies no longer have the same malign influence they once did.

It’s odd to think that people might still go on about weird stuff like “human dignity” and other nebulous concepts that can’t even be measured with money, but it does happen. It’s been allowed to happen, and we are all guilty. We shied away from condemning nurses. but we must no longer. And we are further provoked to speak out – it turns out that many nurses have pensions they hope to live on. When challenged, they shamelessly sneer that they’ve paid for them! Though it makes the blood boil, it gets worse still: Nurses have now been caught going on holidays to enjoy themselves!

Fortune indeed that the press uncovered such scandal upon scandal exactly at this time. What if folk were to have fallen prey to nurse protests against needed reforms? What would nurses know about healthcare? Do they even do business modules on their courses?

While people have been dying in hospitals, nurses have had the nerve to blame over-stretched resources. They no longer know anything of compassion or humility. My anger prevents me from much exposition, suffice to say that nurses have become, as one, a greedy grabbing and grubby mass.  What used to be a vocation is now a tacky vehicle for making an unchallenged living by performing outdated union-obsessive rituals including assisting doctors, or even pretending to look after people on a ward. And I’m no sexist of course, but can it be sheer coincidence that this most scurrilous of trades is populated predominantly by women?

The belated sober press coverage of the scourge of nursing has only scratched the surface. We must maximise awareness, the transfer of the NHS to capable corporate hands requires minimum attention and opposition. Deflection, distraction and blame must be our watchwords.

The efforts of philanthropists and moral leaders like Richard Desmond and Rupert Murdoch are a solid start, but I urge you all to take up the challenge. Get out to the streets, the workplace,  the message boards and phone-in shows, everywhere you can! Denounce nurses with one voice!

Corporations may be taking things in the right direction, but nurses have not gone away – they are the cancer within!

Conservatives : Creators Of Kindness!

Just  a small thought on this occasion, but vital all the same.

As our great Tory government advances ever further, praises ever echoing in our ears, the nay-saying of the revolutionaries knows no diminuendo.  They describe us as “cruel” and “nasty”. Why? Because we know that policies that impoverish disabled “people” and see more children go hungry are both necessary and fair in reducing the deficit.

Or is it the debt we said we’d reduce? It’s so terribly confusing! Small wonder even the talented Mssrs Cameron and Osborne get them mixed up from time to time . Of course, such honest mistakes are seized upon as somehow being deliberately misleading – I ask you, who is responsible for all this cynicism?

Late last year when Save The Children launched an appeal to fight poverty in the UK, Tory MPs lost no time in deriding this despicable organisation. It’s clearly political to invoke talk of poverty and having to spend money. We’re hardly in government to parley on such vulgar matters as politics. But if we are to stoop so low, it might be left to those who know the subject to do the talking.

What do Save The Children really know about children? Sounds rather self appointed to me. Better to trust those selected by Central Office to run in safe constituencies. Couldn’t Save The Children have asked Michael Gove for his well informed opinions before launching their insurrectionist tracts? Mr Gove can be very busy arranging finance deals for those  taking over schools, but he could probably find time to fob off the bleeding-hearts if there was a suitable trip to the opera provided, alongside a reasonable donation to party funds.

Begging bowl charities aren’t the only problem of course. A few weeks ago Ed Miliband, as raw a Bolshevik as one might hope not to see or hear,  raised the issue of a rise in the number of  food-banks at Prime Ministers Questions. Did Mr Cameron capitulate? No. Far from weakly concede that it is something to be ashamed of, he declared that is, in fact, a sign of The Big Society that he thought up a couple of years ago.

For in hard times like these, more money needs to be found for the noble finance sector. Gone are the days when taxes could be frittered on such daftness as people expect them to be spent on. True, Health and education may still deserve some attention: As provision becomes more privatised there are good conservative donors who stand to make worthy profits from their entrepreneurship.

Services like prisons, fire and police may also benefit from healthy privatisation following loud and prolonged public demand.
Who can forget the millions who marched and signed petitions calling for the likes of G4S to take over aspects of policing? It justified the effort we of bringing in Elected Police Commissioners as a single focal point for lobbyists. And who wasn’t genuinely moved to hear countless call-in shows saturated with citizens pleading for Virgin to take over palliative care of dying children, for scant reward beyond profits?

But make no mistake, welfare is an exception and must be cut to the bone. Apart from stitching up deals with retailers on where the lowlife can spend vouchers, there is probably less scope than in other areas for hated taxes to be converted into the rewards of enterprise.
Not for nothing have we embarked on concerted information campaigns in recent months, aimed at making people dislike claimants as much as possible. We’ve made full use of special advisers, trialling our messages on focus groups, and meeting the requests of generous lobbyists. We got rid of the civil servants who with their long years of so called “experience” would have only pointed out where our plans might go “wrong”.

Sure, evictions, malnutrition and depression will increase as they must, but there are people out there who, for some reason, still care about fellow humans. Don’t ask me what it’s about, but I suppose it’s quaint enough as long as they don’t expect to impact on the tough decisions of government. And it’s only through increasing such needs that people feel it more important to go out and help the generally undeserving.

So the case is proved: Conservatives have more or less invented being nice to people! All it took was a little outside-the-box thinking to do so, deliberately singling out those at the bottom of society for the negative attention they deserve.

It’s a logic not out of place with some of those philosophies of the mysterious orient of which I’ve heard, not that I’ll be finding more out about them any time soon – we have problems of the nearer east to attend to, as I will detail very soon – Yes, the curse of the foreign man once against threatens our blood and soil, and I shall not shy from saying so. But it’s a case of such sophistication that I will have to save it for another time.

Till then, ever beware the red menace and never stop criticising the poor!

Curse Of The Feckless Idle

What is it about times of economic turmoil that makes some people so lazy?

Every few days we hear, for instance, of another firm like HMV closing down and bang! Thousands more skivers swoop like vultures, demanding more money that could be going to true innovaters like The Royal Bank Of Scotland. It’s sickening.

It doesn’t happen when times are good. The fickle masses are fine about working then of course, but at times like this they suddenly can’t seem to be bothered.

And it gets worse. Great leaders like Ian Duncan Smith create jobs with the Workfare programe : Giving money to responsible party donors in order that they can have these jobless “people” work for nothing. And Lo! The lucky job seekers start to moan again, as if they are not being paid – but they are being paid, paid in generous benefits! Don’t hide from the fact that these loafers often have warm meals and can even pay some of their bills.

But enter the left, ever obsessed with detail, sniping that this position contradicts DWP statements and often doesn’t equate with the minimum wage. What kind of obsessive oddball puts mere facts before the experienced kindness of Ian Duncan Smith?

It’s not as if the minimum wage is realistic anyway. Just because people without work should be miserable and pushed to destitution, should those in low pay positions get off scot-free? They have not aspired to make lots of money so there is something wrong with them. Why reward that?

And these graduates complaining that, having attained £10,000s of debt, there is not work available to suit their qualifications : Are they economically illiterate? A modern economy doesn’t provide for that sort of thing willy-nilly.  Thank heavens we at least have qualified economists like Mr Osborne to guide us through the storm with such braying idiots on the loose.

They insist they are above any menial task. How do we know? Because Mr Duncan Smith said so, and he doesn’t make stuff up except for the most integral of reasons.

We need to compete with countries like China, who already has massive advantages in economies of scale. How can we rival them in other ways? With firm decisive government – a clampdown on dissenting ninnies and yes, the odd mass execution if necessary. A PFI deal to build concentration camps should be available to any prepared to pay the going rate for dinner with the divine Camerons. £1/4m is worth it alone for Sams lasagne (guaranteed horse free).

I am being realistic about what the brave future demand. Yet the left, and the human detritus they defend, live in a fantasy land where Workfare is “slavery”.  Weep for declining standards in education, forced on us by gay multi-faith liberals. For without such decline such hard-liners would know it is not slavery of which they speak, but serfdom. Not that it makes a difference, they don’t know their place anyway – raised as they were in an abhorrent culture of free thought. Do they entertain such notions as “free thought” in the mysterious Orient of China (which used to be a horrid communist tyranny, but now embraces capitalism, and thus is beyond reproach)? Of course not, and neither should we.

Stopping The Disabled Spare Room Scroungers.

Welcome to the first post of a new blog, bringing truth to the surface of a cesspit of leftist lies.

This piece is about one of many great burdens, for too long haunting our erstwhile great nation. None dare speak of this curse till recently, when Ian Duncan Smith, surely an early contender for Politician Of The Year, rode to the rescue. One of his best and most meticulous plans should soon come to fruition.

The socialist dominated press insist that our economic woes are largely due to finance capital. This is an intolerable slur on creative genius, a calculated lie and a distraction.

There are, of course,  many causes, but nearly all come in the guise of the undeserving poor. These include the infamous grasping lollipop ladies, with gold plated pensions sometimes exceeding £100 a week.

Also notable are the lying crippled “people” already skilfully exposed by IBS.

But higher still on the list is people who aren’t only low enough to claim benefits but actually have SPARE ROOMS. It’s a genuine scandal!

When the extra charges for such people come in this April there will be moans aplenty about people in “exceptional” circumstances. Again, the so called “disabled” will feature highly- for they are ever a favoured cause of bleeding hearts and control freaks. Disabled AND with a spare room? It’s a nanny statists wet dream!

Here’s a typical bleat

Just what good are most of these “people” anyway? It may not be politically correct to ask, but these are tought times calling for tough questions and I assure readers I will never capitulate to political correctness, which has in fact gone too far if you think about it.

Ideally, most people in these circumstances would accept that they are often a burden, do the decent thing and kill themselves – a final market solution if you will. It’s not diplomatic to say it, it offends people, but the woder of the free market is that it is unfettered by emotion, save the emotion of the individual making the choice to end a lifetime of naked greed and entitlement.

Government is not a charity – those not making money shouldn’t stand in the way of progress.

Signs are that it some more people are taking the this brave and selfless route under a tory led government characterised by economic competence, if needlessly stiffled by the proto-Marxist LibDems.

Let’s be blunt: At best, the disableds don’t matter: The vast majority don’t  donate to The Conservative Party (thereby missing the chance to feed in to policy). Most probably don’t even vote Conservative, still less in marginals seats.  Quite a lot don’t work. It’s altogether unseemly, and there’s little to gain placating them.

And what is to fear? You can’t riot much from a wheelchair, or persuade people to your cause if you’re a mental retard.

We have nothing to lose in impoverishing such leeches. Let them be thrown on to the streets if they can’t afford their palacial spare rooms. It will strike fear into the hearts of  other undeserving wretches.

We Conservatives are under attack from all sides. Stand together with IBS on this vital issue.

Learn what to say from trusted sources such as papers selflessly produced by Mr Murdoch and Mr Desmond. Repeat the tropes endlessly. Enough people will believe you.

80% of people on Housing Benefit are in work, but it is not helpful to say that. Such facts are beloved of our statist opponents.

Focus instead on the idea that all claimants are workshy, and that the government are carrying out a blitz on them. ‘Workshy” and “blitz” are terms with pedigree, used by a very successful government in the past, but I’m fuzzy as to which one right now.

Stand firm – for if we can resist the clarion calls of “humanity” and face down the most helpless, our future will be glorious indeed, and the British people will be more efficient, purer.